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Ways to Show Appreciation to your Loved Ones this Valentine’s Day According to their Love Language

With Galentine’s and Valentine’s Day around the corner, we figured now would be a good time to talk about love languages. Every person has their preferred way to be shown love and we're here to help with some ideas based on what they truly value. Below are five common love languages and examples of how to enact them. 

1. Quality time

Plan a picnic, game night, volunteer together, spend a night together without distraction, or plan a fun activity or a trip together.

2. Words of affirmation

Leave your loved one a sweet note, tell them your favorite memory of them or finish this sentence: "I love you because...."

3. Acts of service

Complete a chore for them, get them dinner, make them breakfast in bed, walk the dog, fill up their gas tank, or ask them what you can help them with and follow through with it.

4. Physical touch

Give them a hug or a massage, hold hands, take them dancing, or sit next to each other at a restaurant.

5. Receiving gifts

Be intentional. Gift your loved one something that makes you think of them or something they have mentioned wanting or needing. It doesn't have to be fancy either, you could always give them a handwritten Valentine’s Day card!

There’s no right or wrong way to show somebody you love them. The best way to determine how your loved one would like you to express your love and appreciation for them is by asking them. We hope this blog provided helpful ideas on how to show up for those you care about not only on Valentine’s Day but also on the days after.

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