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All jokes Aside: Keeping April Fools’ Day Pranks both Fun and Considerate

April Fools’ Day is a socially acceptable time to play pranks and joke around with other people. While engaging in playful banter frequently strengthens our relationships with others, it is important to consider how other people perceive our behaviors. To this end, below are topics to consider steering clear of poking fun at. 

Death or serious injury. Faking or lying about a death or serious injury could cause a significant amount of distress in others and lead to unintended repercussions. 

Pregnancy. Joking about pregnancy could come off as insensitive, especially to those experiencing infertility or miscarriage. 

Mental health disorders. Along with all other diagnoses, mental health disorders are real and should be taken seriously at all times.

Marriage proposals or relationship breakups. Pranking about marriage proposals or relationship breakups can be misleading and create more distance between couples. 

In summary, celebrating April Fools’ Day should be fun and lighthearted for everyone involved. While considering whether a joke or prank could cross a line, you may want to ask yourself how you would respond if the roles were reversed. If after this you are still unsure how other people will respond, it may be best to avoid the joke altogether. Happy pranking!

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