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Individual Therapy
Couples Therapy
Family Therapy
Spanish Speaking Therapy
Adult DBT Skills Group
Teen DBT Skills Group
EMDR Consultation
Reduced Fee Therapy


 Individual Therapy with a Licensed Therapist (50 minutes) - $135

 Individual Therapy with a Masters Level Clinical Intern (50 minutes) - $60

 Couples/Family Therapy (50 minutes) - $165

 DBT Skills Group Therapy (90 minutes) - $80

 Group EMDR Consultation (90 minutes) - $90


 We are an out of network provider with insurance. If you wish to use your insurance benefits, we can  provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance for reimbursement depending on your specific  plan. We  accept cash, check, HSA and all major credit cards as form of payment.


Consider the benefits of self-pay services:


  • You (or your child) do not need to receive a mental health diagnosis to receive care, allowing us to provide the most ethical, honest and accurate care.

  • You (or your child) do not need to worry about being constrained to a session limit imposed by an insurance company, and can continue therapy until you feel ready to discharge.

  • Your insurance company cannot use you (or your child’s) mental health record to increase your insurance premiums or deny you coverage in the future.