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Ten Ways to Honor your Mom or Mother Figure on Mother’s Day

If you’re like many people, each year you may find yourself thinking: “What should I do for Mother’s Day?”. Whether you’ve run out of ideas or would like some new ones, look no further because we think we’ve put together a pretty good list.

  1. Plan an activity that she enjoys. 

  2. Take a fun class or go to an event together. 

  3. Host a meal or make a restaurant reservation and invite her favorite people.

  4. Join in on her daily activities, like going for a walk.

  5. Gift her something she’s been wanting. 

  6. Look at family photos together.

  7. Talk about your favorite memories with her. 

  8. Write down all the reasons you think she’s a great mother and give it to her.

  9. Offer to take something off her plate for the day.

  10. Tell her how much you appreciate her. 

We also recognize that not everyone has a mother figure in their life. Regardless of the circumstances, know that however you feel is normal, and it is okay to do what is needed to take extra good care of yourself. Holidays can stir up emotions for everyone, which can make them a good time to reflect on ways to show up for ourselves. 

As always, we are here if you’d like some extra support. Call 480-815-3211 or email to schedule a free, 10-minute phone consultation with one of our providers. 

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