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Spanish Speaking Therapist

Are You Spanish-Speaking And Looking For A Therapist You can Talk To In Your Native Language?

Have you been struggling to cope with the challenges of daily life? Do you suspect that you might be suffering from anxiety or depression? Are you uncertain about seeking therapy because the idea of not being able to express yourself in your native language sounds unappealing?

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Maybe you’ve been feeling down and not like yourself lately. You may be under pressure at work or home, which is causing you to experience tension in your body or become easily agitated with others. Or perhaps you lack motivation and feel disconnected from yourself or your loved ones. You may be experiencing conflict with your spouse or family members, which only adds to your mental health struggles. You probably wish there was someone in your life who could listen to your concerns, offer sound advice, and help you feel supported and encouraged.

You Might Be Reluctant To Seek Therapy Due To The Language Barrier


Even though you know that you could benefit from therapy, you might sit on the sidelines because you know the language barrier would be an obstacle to it being effective. Or perhaps the issues you seek guidance for are heavily influenced by your culture and you worry that a therapist wouldn’t be able to relate to you. Naturally, you’d prefer to work with someone who understands the Latino experience.

Luckily, Find Your Shine has Spanish-speaking therapists on staff to help you. Being open to therapy allows you a safe place to share your concerns with a trained professional who can help you find answers to the problems challenging you.

Traditional Latino Culture Can Place High Demands On Us 

The mental health issues that arise within the Latino population often present unique challenges for us. For example, we may be more susceptible to generational gaps within our family that cause conflict. In particular, first-generation immigrant parents usually have a vastly different perspective than most of us raised in the United States. 

What’s more, in Hispanic culture, “La Familia” often presents a double-edged sword. While having the support and love of a close-knit extended family can be wonderfully enriching, its collectivist philosophy also might lack boundaries and impose high expectations on us. If we’ve been taught to respect and please our elders above all else, this mindset may cause us to set aside our true desires. This could lead us to feel disengaged and dissatisfied.  

You May Have Been Raised To Never Reveal “Family Secrets”


Growing up, perhaps we were told that therapy is taboo and that we should never talk about private family matters with outsiders. For some members of the Hispanic population, seeing a therapist is considered socially unacceptable.

Even though many of us embrace modern customs, as second-generation Latinos, we often straddle two opposing cultures. While the older generations of our family hold onto longstanding traditions, we find ourselves wedged between the old and new guard. This uncertainty can lead to feelings of anxiety and doubt and create conflict with our family members.


What’s more, we may have been raised with a “deal with it” mentality that didn’t permit us to examine our feelings. If more value was placed on our external achievements, perhaps we were never taught the tools to cope with challenging emotions or resolve conflict.

Fortunately, working with a Spanish-speaking therapist allows you to be expressive, genuine, and truly heard without a language barrier. With individual therapy that can also explore family and couples relationships, you can receive the support you need to thrive.

Working With A Spanish-Speaking Therapist Will Help You Find Solutions Sooner

If you are Spanish-speaking, it makes sense to seek a therapist who speaks your native language and understands your background and cultural references, while also providing you with solution-focused therapy to address your concerns. 

At Find Your Shine, we strive to serve the Spanish-speaking community within the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. We have culturally competent therapists on staff who are not only bilingual in Spanish and English but also understand the unique aspects of Latino culture and the barriers you may face. 

What To Expect In Sessions

We offer a safe and welcoming environment that allows you to speak freely without fear of judgment. You will meet with a compassionate and unbiased therapist who will listen intently, validate your concerns, and offer coping strategies to help you manage your emotions and relationships.

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For example, we may explore the generational patterns within your family that cause conflict. By helping you set boundaries while maintaining respect for elder family members, peace can be restored. If applicable, we might also address any cultural barriers or trauma that you have never processed. 


The Benefits Of Working With A Culturally Competent Therapist

Once we have built rapport together, we will explore whatever issues you would like to address. Whether you want to address individual concerns—such as anxiety or depression—or relationship issues within your marriage or family, a culturally competent therapist will help you identify the problems and formulate solutions. If a language barrier exists between family members in conflict, your bilingual therapist can facilitate breakout counseling sessions with you to address these concerns.


Your Spanish-speaking therapist may utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to help you manage the stressors you encounter. With CBT, you will learn how your thoughts and beliefs impact your emotions and behaviors. For example, engaging in negative self-talk can harm your self-esteem and sense of confidence. CBT will bring awareness to your thoughts and help you change them so that you can have a more positive outlook. 

DBT works in conjunction with CBT, teaching you helpful skills for regulating your emotions and feeling more connected to the present moment. Learning to communicate confidently while expressing your needs and desires will help you ease tension within your relationships and foster closeness and mutual trust.

EMDR is an evidence-based treatment that allows you to explore and resolve any past trauma that may be negatively affecting your mental health today. The EMDR technique helps target traumatic memories that are stuck in the brain so that you can integrate and neutralize these memories they no longer feel like an active threat. 

When you enter therapy, it’s important to feel comfortable expressing yourself. To ensure that happens, we encourage you to work with a Spanish-speaking therapist who completely understands you and can relate to your experience. 

But Maybe You Still Wonder Whether Working With A Spanish- Speaking Therapist Is Right For You…


Will therapy remain confidential?


Yes, therapy is confidential with a few exceptions. If you are an active danger to yourself or others, inform us of a child or vulnerable adult who is being abused or neglected, or you have legal involvement in which your medical records are subpoenaed by a judge, confidentiality may be compromised. With the exception of those situations, what you say in therapy remains between you and your therapist. We will never share your personal information with anyone without your permission.

Once I decide to work with a Spanish-speaking counselor, how long will therapy take?

The duration of therapy will depend upon your unique circumstances. Some people come to therapy to address a very specific issue and, within a few sessions, gain the clarity or tools they need to manage it. Others enter therapy to process a history of trauma which may take much longer. Therapy is completely voluntary. Not only do you determine how long you want to schedule sessions, but you can choose to take breaks or terminate therapy at any time for any reason. 


Will my therapist be able to prescribe me medication?


We do not prescribe medication at Find Your Shine. However, if you are interested in learning more about the medication options available to support your mental health, we can refer you to a trusted outside professional. 

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Speaking With A Spanish Or Bilingual Therapist Can Make Counseling Worthwhile 

Find Your Shine is proud to offer our services to the Latino community. To find out more about working with a therapist who speaks Spanish, please visit our contact page or call (480) 815-3211 to schedule a free 10-minute consultation. Therapy with a Spanish-speaking therapist can be booked in-person or online.

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