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Welcome to Find Your Shine!

Find Your Shine is a group of dedicated, trauma informed therapists led by Jaime Castillo, LCSW. When receiving therapy from any Find Your Shine provider, you can expect to be invited into a warm, nonjudgmental environment that allows you to feel heard and understood, while creating space for change.


We are committed to offering a safe and inclusive environment for people of all abilities, religions, sexual orientations, countries of origin, races and genders. We understand and take seriously our ethical obligation as therapists to pursue social change with and on behalf of vulnerable and oppressed groups of people, and we actively work to increase our understanding of and dismantle the systems that contribute to oppression-based trauma. 

We believe and base our practice around the idea that everyone already has within them what it takes to live fulfilled, meaningful lives. We’re here to help you connect to that inner potential.


We specialize in a range of mental health concerns including but not limited to: 

The space where the healing happens.

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